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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Lava Cake

A Lava Cake with molten gooey chocolate oozing out, can get your salivary glands activated and your mouth watering. Fortunately, the lava cake strain is quite similar, and can be quite a treat. With a chocolatey taste, fruity flavor, and mint undertones, you might as well imagine you are having a scrumptious dessert. HerbNJoy: Life … Continued

Cannabis Strain of the Week: Biscotti

When you hear the name Biscotti – are you imagining a crispy almond cookie? Well, the Biscotti strain doesn’t have much likeness to a snack, except for its sweet cookie taste. Biscotti is a highly potent marijuana strain that produces a nice cerebral high making you relax and take it easy. It doesn’t blow your … Continued

Cannabis Strain of the Week: Super Silver Haze

Does the name Super Silver Haze conjure up an image of a bullet in your mind? You might as well think of this marijuana strain in that way. It hits you like a bullet. This quick acting dope produces a brilliant cerebral high as soon as you start consuming it. Though some have reported that … Continued

Cannabis Strain of the Week: Strawberry Banana

Don’t confuse Strawberry Banana for a smoothie or a breakfast fruit platter. This is a special weed strain made by DNA Genetics in collaboration with Serious Seeds. Strawberry Banana is sometimes also known as Strawnana, and is quite like unto its name. It has strong banana overtones with berry undertones. An unmistakably fruity taste and … Continued

Cannabis Strain of the Week: Sundae Driver

Sunday Driver is what it sounds like, and it’s not far off from being just that. The Sundae Driver strain is an excellent companion for a relaxing Sunday. It delivers a balanced mellow high and enriches your senses, allowing you to take in the sights, sounds and other beautiful experiences. But, you don’t necessarily have … Continued

Cannabis Strain of the Week: Mimosa

A fuzz of energy to brighten even the dreariest of days. Mimosa is your driving force. It uplifts and energizes like none other. Tank up with Mimosa before any activity that requires a lot of energy. A pleasant day time smoke, that produces a mellow and happy high. Mimosa doesn’t just drive you, but also … Continued

Cannabis Strain of the Week: OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most popular West Coast strains. This all-time favorite has a comforting earthy flavor profile with a pungent citrus aroma. A potent strain with a rich flavor, that made OG Kush a favorite among celebrities boosting its profile even further. Not much is known about OG Kush’s ancestral lineage. This … Continued

Cannabis Strain of the Week: Purple Punch

Settle your day with Purple Punch. This deliciously sweet fruity strain makes the perfect after dinner dessert. The ideal choice for when you just want to have a restful evening. Washing away the tiredness and stress of the day. Purple Punch is an Indica dominant strain. Even though it has an 80:20 Indica – Sativa … Continued

Cannabis Strain of the Week: Sunset Sherbet

Leave behind the cares of the world and drift off into the horizon with the sunset. An energized and carefree mind, taking you to places deep in your imagination. Sunset Sherbet brings on a welcoming physical relaxation and a happy cerebral high. This potent indica strain is for connoisseurs on a getaway quest. Novices should … Continued

Cannabis Strain of the Week: Gorilla Glue

What started out as Gorilla Glue is now called “Original Glue” or GG4. But then again – what’s in a name? The sticky resin around the buds led to the stain name having “glue” in it. This sticky strain originated in Nevada. Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with the Gorilla Glue Cannabis Strain GG4 … Continued

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