Ball family farms - DANIEL LARUSSO | 3.5G
THC: 39.29%
Daniel LaRusso is a high potency hybrid strain that can floor even experienced smokers. It has an acrid aroma that will turn heads, leaving everyone asking who’s holding the fire? Strain Type: Hybrid-Indica Dominant Uses: Sleep | Relaxation Terpenes: LIMONENE | CARYOPHYLLENE | MYRCENE Benefits: Great in a blunt, joint, or smoked through a bong when you want a sedative and intense high. Daniel LaRusso is a balanced hybrid from Ball Family Farms. The breeder has chosen to keep the genetics a secret. The top reported aromas of Daniel LaRusso are mint, pungent earth, and skunk. And it is said to taste like herbs, fruit, and pepper.
3.5 grams
Price per unit

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