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HERBNJOY Beverly Hills


from  September 21st to 27th


Alien Labs/Connected – Buy one 1/8th for 90% off (New Customers only. One Per Customer)

Cannabiotix – Buy one 1/8th for $40 (pre-tax) and get a .75g preroll for $1 (One Per Customer)

Clade 9 – Buy two 1/8ths and get a Tarzana OG 1/8th for $1

Maven – Buy two 1/8ths for $65 (pre-tax)

Golden State – Get one 1/8th for $49 (pre-tax)

Claybourne – Get one 1/8th for $49 (pre-tax)

Top Crop – Get one 1/8th for $39 (pre-tax)

West Coast Cure Get one 1/8th for $38 (pre-tax) and a 14g for $42 (pre-tax)

Phases – Get one 1/8th for $39 (pre-tax)

Fig Farms – Get one 1/8th for $39 (pre-tax)


West Coast Cure – Buy 2 carts and get another for $1

Punch – 20% off on Punch carts


Presidential – Buy 2 Prerolls/Blunts and get a 1g Infused Preroll $2  (One Per Customer)

West Coast Cure – Buy 2 Jeffrey 5pks and get a 1.2g Jeffery preroll for $2 (One Per Customer)


Camino – Buy 2 Camino gummies and get a Camino fruit chews pk for $2

Highatus – Buy 2 gummies and get another for $2

Jones – Buy two 10mg bottles and get another 10mg bottle for $2


20% off all concentrates

** All prices are pre-tax. Cannot be combined with other offers, while supplies last

Get 25% off on all Kurvana products on Friday


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