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Exciting Weed Deals at HerbNJoy

Chula Vista, a bustling city in Southern California, is no stranger to the cannabis culture. With the legal cannabis industry continuously evolving, finding the best weed deals is quite a simple task. Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or a curious newcomer, HerbNJoy has the most enticing deals and offers in Chula Vista.

HerbNJoy offers consumers a wide array of options and, most importantly, has some fantastic offers. Our selection in flower, vapes, concentrates and edibles presents an impressive diversity of strains and brands. We have something to suit every pocket and budget range. Checkout our dispensary deals today and indulge yourself without feeling guilty of spending too much.


From February 21st to 27th

90% off for first time customers on select items

30% off all Stiiizy products on Mon & Wed


HeirBloom by CBX – Get three 1/8ths for $99

Oakfruitland – Get three 1/8ths for $65

Cannabiotix – Get an 1/8th for $39

CAM – Buy an 1/8th & get a 1g preroll for $1

West Coast Cure – Get ½oz for $40

Friday only : LAX Packs – Get three 1/8ths for $75 (Select strains only)

All days excluding Friday: LAX – Buy an 1/8th & get 1g preroll for $1

Monday & Wednesday only – Stiiizy – 8 white 1/8ths for $73

Monday & Wednesday only – Stiiizy – 6 Grey 1/8ths for $72


Heavy Hitters – Get two .33g for $35

Heavy Hitters – Get a 1g for $20

Hyten – Buy 2 carts & get 1 for $1

Cake – Get five 1.25g AIO for $65 (Select strains only)

Coldfire – Get 1g cart for $39

Friday Only: Stiiizy – 2.5g  for $51 [2 x 1g pods +  .5g AIO]

Starting Friday: High 90s – Buy 2 AIO & get another for $1

Monday & Wednesday only – Stiiizy – 4 THC Distillate 1g pods for $70


High 90s – Buy two 5pks and get a 1g preroll $1

West Coast Cure – Buy two 1.2g and get a 1.2g for $1

Jeeter – Get three 5pks for $59 (Select strains only)

Raw Garden – Get three 3pks for $49 [mix n’ match]

Monday & Wednesday only – Stiiizy – Four 5pk mini prerolls for $84


Dime Snacks – Buy 2 & Get 1 for $1

Highatus – Buy 1 & get a 2pk for $1

Good News – Buy 2 & get 1 for $1

Wyld – Get 3 for $35

Monday & Wednesday only – Stiiizy – Get 9 gummy pks for $76


CBX – Buy 2 Cold cure Rosin & get a 1g for $1

Bear Labs – Buy 2 & get 1g budder for $1

Gelato – Buy 2 & get 1g Kief for $1

Wvy – Get 1g for $10

** Limit – 2 purchases per person . The above offers are on select strains only and may include promo products. All prices are pre-tax. Cannot be combined with other offers, while supplies last.

Exploring Dispensary Deals Today

From buy-one-get-one deals to discounted bundles, HerbNJoy’s Chula Vista dispensary has weed deals for everyone.

  • First-Time Customer Discounts: HerbNJoy at Chula Vista offers exclusive deals to first-time customers. These deals can range from a percentage off your first purchase to complimentary products like pre-rolls or edibles. It’s a welcoming gesture that allows you to discover our dispensary’s offerings without breaking the bank.
  • Daily or Weekly Specials: HerbNJoy consistently runs daily and weekly offers. These can include discounted prices on specific strains, products, or categories such as flower, vapes or concentrates. For more information on HerbNJoy dispensary deals today, check our website menu, this deals page, Weedmaps or Leafly.
  • Veteran and Senior Discounts: We also offer discounts to veterans and senior citizens. These discounts are a token of appreciation for your service and are a way to ensure that everyone has access to quality cannabis products.
  • Loyalty Program: Join the HerbNJoy VIP Club to get exclusive privileges. Our weekly emails keep you updated about our weed deals and offers without spamming your inbox.

If you are shopping at our store don’t hesitate to ask your budtender about our current deals and their recommendations. They are super knowledgeable and will point you in the right direction. They will also apprise you of the best offers and help you make the best selection.

Responsible Consumption and Legal Considerations

While seeking the best weed deals and discounts at HerbNJoy Chula Vista’s lowest price dispensary, it’s crucial to remember that responsible consumption and compliance with local laws are paramount. Always purchase from licensed dispensaries, such as HerbNJoy and ensure that you’re of legal age to buy and consume cannabis in California.

Visit HerbNJoy Chula Vista cannabis dispensary today and uncover the best deals that suit your preferences and budget. Get the lowest prices and best deals in San Diego!

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