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HerbNJoy Hanford

 February 22nd to  28th

FloweR:Stiiizy Buy 3 items Get 30% off on Thursday & Saturday only

Heirbloom Powered by Cannabiotix – Get a Legacy strain 1/8th for $45

California Love – Buy a Gold 3.5g or Essentials 14g & get 2g of flower for 1ȼ

Friday ONLY: Alien Labs – 30% off 1/8th jars

Saturday ONLY: Connected –  30% off 1/8th jars

California Love PAD at HerbNJoy Hanford on Wednesday and Friday from 4-7PM

Presidential PAD on Thursday from 3-5PM at HerbNJoy Hanford


Stiiizy – Get a .5g distillate pod for $14 | Get 1g distillate pod for $23

Cake – Get 1.25g Designer Pod for $20

Cake – Get a Cryo cured resin disposable for $28

Punch – Get 1g distillate cars for $16

Jeeter – Get 1g Juice cart for $19

Raw Garden – Get a 1g cart for $37

Sluggers – Get a 1g disposable for $32

Dime – Get 2 Dime Tanks for $39

Dime – Get a distillate 1g disposable for $32

Dime – Get a Live Resin 1g disposable for $38

Thursday & Saturday ONLY: STIIIZY -Get 50% off on all CDT & LR pods


Presidential – Get a 1g joint for $13

Presidential – Get a 1.5g blunt for $18

Sluggers – Get a 5pk of prerolls for $36


Pabst Labs – Buy 2 drinks for $10 and get 1 for 1ȼ (Select flavors only)

Wyld – Buy 2 edibles & get 1 for $1 (Select flavors only)

Punch – Spend $20 on Punch edibles and get a 100mg Key Lime punch bar for 1ȼ

Jelly Wizards – Get a bag of Zerds, Jellies, White Chocolate Morsels or Sour Watermelon Jellies for $14 each

Jelly Wizards – Get a bag of Blue Raspberry CBN jellies for $15

Dr Norms – Get any regular Dr Norms baked treats for $13

Dr Norms – Get any Nano Dr Norms baked treats for $15

Good Tide – Get 3 packs of edibles for $40


Trilogy 710 – Get an exclusive rosin for $60

Delta Family Pharms – Get 1g THCA for $12 & 1g rosin for $34

Raw Garden – Get 1g of live resin for $22

** All PRICES ARE PRE-TAX.  deals are on SELECT Strains only and will run while supplies last. cannot be combined with other offers *


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