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Curbside Pickup

Cannabis Pickup Made Easy!

With a busy lifestyle leading you in every direction, it’s easy to lose track of those important paths toward better health and happiness. At HerbNJoy, we strive to pave the way. You’ll find our recreational in Chula Vista  has a huge selection of top-shelf premium cannabis brands and top strains. We couldn’t be happier to open doors in such a vibrant, forward-thinking and absolutely beautiful location.
While HerbNJoy always welcomes recreational enthusiasts to stop by, spend some time and let us get to know you. However, we realize quick turnaround is sometimes a priority. Go ahead and browse our website whenever it’s convenient.

Curbside Pickup at HerbNJoy

Are you looking for the simplicity of a pre-roll for a perfect smoke every time? Do you prefer the old-school enjoyment of smokable flower? Whether you’re exploring our menu of delicious edibles, thrilled by the potency of our concentrates, interested in modern vapes, straightforward tinctures, CBD or a wide variety of merch, place an order online and opt for curbside pickup. We’ll package everything up, prepare for your arrival and deliver right to your vehicle.

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