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Cannabis Strain of the Week: Blue Dream

One of the Hottest Cannabis Strains of 2021

What does it feel like to walk around as if in a dream? Everything is surreal and nothing really matters. Blue Dream is a cannabis strain that brings on a gentle high and transports you to a completely different dimension. It stimulates a relaxed cerebral and full-body euphoric state.

The Legend of the Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

Blue Dream is originally from the West Coast of California. Over the years, with its extreme popularity, it has become somewhat of a legend. This sativa dominant marijuana strain is a special hybrid. It is a crossbreed between the Californian fruity, indica heavy, DJ Short’s Blueberry F5 and the citrusy, spicy, sativa heavy Haze from Santa Cruz. The large densely packed buds are a deep green laced with golden orange hairy frills, giving it an attractive shimmer. The Blue Dream taste is at par with its appealing appearance.

HerbNJoy: Life Enhanced

Brighten up your day with some Blue Dream!

Beginners and veterans both enjoy the calming and energizing effects that Blue Dream imparts. The flavor is a primary characteristic in making Blue Dream so well liked. It smells and tastes just like sweet berries. The taste lingers long after inhaling. The Blue Dream is a classic, and one of those strains that’s here to stay for a good long while. Surely and steadily it’s gathering a fan base.

Blue Dream mainly comprises 2 major terpenes – 39% of Myrcene and 26% Alpha pinene. The substantial THC levels brings on a euphoric sensation and is reported to help users breeze through the day.

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